What is AskAmex?
AskAmex is an application that helps you find & book travel, dining, and more – all from your iPhone. AskAmex is also a limited-time pilot that is only available to a pre-selected group of invited American Express Card Members.
Can I use AskAmex for customer service support?
AskAmex isn’t setup to respond to Card account servicing inquiries. For questions related to your account, please visit www.americanexpress.com/contactus. For any customer service questions regarding AskAmex, any bookings or purchases or general inquiries about AskAmex, please feel free to ask us within the conversation or email [email protected].
It says AskAmex is “Powered by Mezi” – what is Mezi?
Mezi is a service provider powering the technology behind AskAmex.
Are my AskAmex purchases eligible for Benefits?
AskAmex purchases are not eligible for some benefits that require booking directly with Amex Travel (or amextravel.com) including, if applicable, 2X Membership Rewards® points and The Hotel Collection benefits.

AskAmex purchases are eligible for benefits that come with booking directly with an airline, including, if applicable, additional Membership Rewards® points on flights. In addition, Platinum Card Members are eligible for Fine Hotel & Resorts benefits on eligible bookings.

Please refer to the terms of your Card benefits for details and full exclusions.
Can I use Amex Offers with AskAmex?
If an Offer requires booking directly on a merchant website or on amextravel.com, it will not be applied to AskAmex transactions. Please refer to the terms of the Offer located in your americanexpress.com account for details and full exclusions.
What if I don’t like any of the options that are provided?
We’ll send you the top results based on your search criteria, but you can always ask to see more options or refine your search by adding or changing criteria (e.g. “non-stop flights” or “hotel with a spa”).
Can I use Pay with Points with AskAmex?
AskAmex purchases aren’t eligible for Pay with Points. Please see membershiprewards.com/terms for the Membership Rewards program terms and conditions.
How can I ask about an AskAmex order?
Feel free to ask us within the conversation or email [email protected]. For questions related to your American Express Card account, please visit americanexpress.com/contactus.
Can I connect a new or different American Express Card to AskAmex?
Only certain Cards are eligible for the pilot and purchases can only be made through your connected American Express Card that was included in the invitation you received.
How do I turn notifications on or off?
To change your notification settings, go to Settings > Notifications > AskAmex on your iPhone.
How do I leave AskAmex?
If you no longer want to participate in the AskAmex pilot, simply delete the app from your device.
Can I change my email or phone number on file?
We use the phone and email associated with your americanexpress.com online account for security purposes. If you’ve recently changed this information in americanexpress.com, please sign out of AskAmex and sign back in to see updated information.
What does AskAmex do to protect my Card account information?
For your security, a digital card number – separate from your physical Card account number and unique to you – is created for your AskAmex transactions. Your digital card number is used to make purchases and bookings with your Card using AskAmex. Your physical Card account number is never shared with the merchant when you make purchases or bookings. After each purchase on the app, you will receive an email confirmation to your email address on file.
What should I do to protect my data?
Anyone with whom you share your devices will be able to see any messages included in the app, including your transaction history made available through the app, and potentially make purchases on the app.  To the extent you wish to avoid this from happening, you must sign out of the app prior to sharing or transferring your device. We recommend you always use available security and lock features on your devices.  If you do not utilize the lock screen feature of your devices, and if you have not signed out of the app, the messages and other information contained in the app will be accessible to anyone with access to your device.