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Trusted travel agent

Tell Mezi where you'd like to go and enjoy end-to-end travel assistance, from booking your flight and hotel, to reserving top restaurants and entertainment, to taking care of cancellations or changes to plans along the way. Right there in real-time with you.

Mezi, can you plan my vacation to Greece?
"Whoever is corresponding with me, finding great gifts for my family, deserves a medal."
Koren L.
Feb 2016
"Amazing! Makes everything so much easier and my travel planning less stressful."
Sam G.
May 2016
"This app allows you to have a virtual personal assistant without the Hollywood celebrity clout."
Craig O.
Nov 2015

Expert personal shopper

Enjoy the everyday luxury of a personal shopper who gets to know you, sends you carefully selected recommendations, orders the item you want on your behalf, and even handles returns. Text your way to your next pair of shoes, set of speakers, or birthday gift.

Mezi, can you help with my shopping list?

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